Electric clipping press
Easy 30 Tronic is the new 100% electric robotic clipping line that is perfect for removing heavy burrs from brass parts.
Electric clipping press
One of its greatest strengths is the speed: it is possible to automatically produce 2700 pieces/hour, a +30% increase over the previous hydraulic versions.
In addition, the robot and the clipping press have been fully integrated, allowing the cycle time to be reduced to a minimum.
All machine components are adjustable in position, speed and force control: all advantages that only the electric technology can guarantee. The clipping process is therefore even more precise and totally repeatable.
The workpiece flipping device (patented) is also fully electric, which allows to adjust the position, speed and angle of rotation.
This ensures that the parts are turned 100% correctly and therefore maximises the repeatability of the process, avoiding interruptions or rejects.
The continuity of the blanking process is also ensured by the presence of 4 pick-up conveyor belts that allow the robot to always have a part ready for pick-up.
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