Robotic systems for measuring and marking machines

Our workhandling systems for measuring and marking machines are entirely conceived and manufactured based both on the production requirements of the customer and on the technical specifications of the part.

This type of robotic system can tend to two or more measuring machines at the same time. It can also be fitted with additional stations, e.g. for washing or marking, according to specific production requirements. In addition, it can be placed at the end of a production line whenever the coordinates of the machined part need to be measured and, if required, altered by the machined tool.

The integration of DRS (DRIVE ROBOT SYSTEM) and automatic gripper change make these systems highly versatile

Maximum operator safety
Ability to tend to several machines at the same time
Counting of boxes and pallets
Data communication to machine-tool
High system performance
Possibility to handle machining and measuring cycles
Optional test to ensure 100% part compliance
Self-learning operating software