Robotic solutions with 3D Bin Picking

Thanks to our intelligent 3D vision system (3DRS), we are able to develop solutions for machine tending with parts feeding directly from the bin (Bin Picking).

The 3D vision system was designed for the precise localization of pieces placed in boxes in a random way and is integrated into the robotic system to allow the acquisition of the geometry of the piece facilitating the picking by robot.

Through a proprietary software, the localization of the best piece can be acquired on the basis of predetermined criteria (for example, the highest part or the one with a particular angle) and the reachability of the piece to be taken is calculated, taking into account the dimensions of the grippers, the size of other parts inside the box, and any collisions of the robot on the part itself.

Designed for simple integration and maximum flexibility, it is able to work in applications with high production rates, even in difficult conditions.

direct Picking from box
Simple integration and maximum flexibility
No need to memorise the parts picked from the bin
Possibility to handle picking with multiple grippers
Extremely short part tracking and picking time (from 5'' to 14'')
Possibility to handle boxes of various dimensions
Reduced search times (possibility to search in two directions)
System customization possibile
Offline settings