Automatic trimming presses for non-ferrous metals

High performance automatic trimming line with EASY press, anthropomorphic robot and DRS (DRIVE ROBOT SYSTEM) vision system for workpiece location. The press is particularly suited for trimming brass and bronze parts.

The press is fitted with a system which checks that the workpiece has been correctly positioned and otherwise expels it.

The trimming line comes complete with a sound-proof cabin fully compliant with the relevant noise-pollution standards for improved operator safety.

Technologically advanced and allowing an average production of 2,200 workpieces per hour, Easy is the fastest, most robust and most versatile metal trimming line ever manufactured.

The trimming line comes in different versions (EASY 25, 30, 40 and 50 tons), enabling to meet every requirement in the trimming of non-ferrous metals.

Maximum operator safety
High system productivity: + 30% increase in productivity
Unique turnkey supplier
Flexibility and work on 3 shifts
Workpiece counter and container handling
Self-learning operating software
Quick setup
High operating range: no operator required
Fast retooling: 20 minutes