Automated deburring cells

We project and manufacture robot cells to automatically deburr small parts with different deburring tools. Compliant tooling, programmable robot path and a high performing gripper provide the flexibility to obtain perfectly deburred part profiles within the same cell in a very precise and fast way.

The system comprises a deburring station suitable for different kind of parts and a feeding system with one or more conveyor belts suitable for the use of our DRS robot vision system and for the unloading of the machined parts.

The robot cell is composed of a high speed deburring unit with compensated milling and filing tool, brush for precise finishing inside holes, pneumatic group to lubricate and filter the air and also a tank for collecting swarfs and burrs.

High speed deburring tool
Ideal for multiple deburring surfaces
Reduced cycle times
Prevent excess removal
Ideal for delicate and highly precise operations
Ensure consistent finish