DRS Vision Systems

DRS DRIVE ROBOT SYSTEM software has always made Automazioni Industriali stand out from the crowd of robot integrators.

Developed, patented and produced entirely in-house by our software department, the vision system is integrated into the robot cell in order to allow the detection of the part geometry facilitating therefore the picking by robot.

Besides its simple and intuitive functioning, our “DRS” vision system impresses with its high efficiency and performance, as it reliably detects the part regardless of the light conditions, the shape of the part and the presence of dirt on the conveyor belt.

Today, DRS is the best performing vision system on the market. Completely developed by Automazioni Industriali and regularly upgraded and fine-tuned by our R&D engineers (on average, two upgrades per month), it offers excellent features that translate into high efficiency, first-rate performance and ease of use.

All its functions are the result of the increasingly sophisticated demands made by our customers: if you have a problem that someone else has had before, we are likely to have the right solution ready in the drawer! In addition, if you need a special modification, you can discuss it directly with our developers and they will quickly come up with the goods.

The aim of our R&D team is to have a fully comprehensive program that can be used easily and intuitively. In our view, a good software application should not need a user manual; if it is well written, it will talk to the operator in his own language.

This is the goal we have set ourselves and we invest the best part of our energies into achieving it.

This software fully integrates with our robot applications and supports Motoman, Staubli, Comau, Kuka, ABB,Kawasaki, and Fanuc robot communication drivers.

use of digital cameras for optimal picture resolution
simplified model generation
ability to recognize logos, arrows, inscriptions, etc.
ability to find surface defects like porosity or others
extremely easy to use
ability to handle more than one camera with the same system
automated camera calibration
possibility to adjust the gripping point during operation
automatic adjustment of picture quality