Product Design

Automazioni industriali designs the entire robotised line in-house. A qualified team of engineers, by means of cutting edge simulation software, accurately develop the project in order to offer a technical solution that best meets the needs of the customer, who gives the go ahead to the manufacturing of the equipment after approval of the layout drawings.

Assembled in a dedicated area and fitted with leading edge technology, the equipment undergoes the most stringent quality control tests as well as pre-acceptance testing in front of the customer.

Any software applications are both developed and customised to suit the needs of each end user, so as to make the most of the machine’s functionality.

Thanks to the flexibility of its technological solutions and to its capacity to face new challenges, Automazioni Industriali can also develop robotised lines for specific applications. In addition, we run training courses where operators interact directly with the equipment, which allows them to learn everything they need to use all of its features. All our systems are conceived to comply with the applicable environmental and occupational safety standards and directives.

As a result, they have been equipped with the necessary devices to keep down the noise, dust and fumes generated throughout the various stages of the production process.

– All systems are supplied on a “turn-key” basis.

– Equipped with the latest operating software.

– Accompanied by user and maintenance manuals, electrical drawings and CE marking.